At Los Reyes Clinica Medica we know the importance of overall wellness. The way you feel about your outer appearance projects the way you may feel overall. Insuring patient wellness through every possible medical aspect is important to our method of practicing medicine. Los Reyes Aesthetica has a wide range of services from Botox to laser body sculpting; our patients receive tailored treatments with leading edge technology. We bring to the community the most effective and innovative treatments esthetics has to offer. We are looking forward to maintaining your overall beauty and wellness.

Hair Replacement Therapy

Hair Replacement Therapy with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). This is the leading treatment for hair restoration. Many of the largest centers for hair transplantation have swithced to PRP Hair Replacement Therapy as their primary method of treatment. It is a less expensive noninvasive treatment for balding and thinning hair.

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

We offer our signature Fang Facial, and Blood Bath Micro-needle Skin Therapy. This is a micro-needle fractional skin therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is the process of harvesting growth factors and cytokines from your own blood. Growth factors and cytokines are the chemical agents in plasma that stimulate healthy cell growth. When they are harvested, platelets are separated from the blood and placed in areas that need increased healing. As the body ages the skin loses collagen and other tissues that prevent sagging and discoloration, this break down of tissue also increases scarring and wrinkling of the skin. PRP stimulates fast and long lasting re-growth of new collagen and other cells that promote new youthful skin. There is nothing like it in any product sold, this fountain of youth is already in human blood. This method of cell healing and regrowth has been used for several years, it is so effective it has been used by dentists to heal bone around implants. Orthopedic doctors use it to heal bones, ligaments, and joints. This is one of the most sought after procedures in the field of esthetic skin rejuvenation and facelifts. This procedure can only be performed by licensed practitioners and Los Reyes Aesthetica is proud to offer this service.

Teeth Whitening

The Da Vinci Teeth Whitening system is an all natural, safe, and painless teeth whitening system. Da Vinci uses a natural plant, and mineral based formula that is activated by a special blue laser light. The blue laser activation guarantees fast and effective results on the first session. This is truly the fastest and most effective teeth whitening system on the market. Los Reyes Aesthetica also offers this treatment in combination with other aesthetic procedures. Call for your appointment today!

Apollo Radio Frequency Cellulite Reduction & Collagen Rejuvenation

Los Reyes Aesthetica offers skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction with the Apollo radio frequency (RF) tripollar technology. The Apollo is the industries leading FDA approved RF machine. RF is used to destroy the fat layers under the skin while rejuvenating collagen to tighten and repair already damaged skin.